Acrylic Textures and Render Coatings


Acrylic Render is a highly flexible, crack resistant material that can be used both as a base and a final covering which comes in a number of different forms and finishes. With the new generation of wall constructing materials available, acrylic render is the industry standard for non-masonry substrates but not conclusive. Regarded for its flexibility and adhesive properties, acrylic render is the standard rendering material for ‘Blue Board’ (cement board, fibre board), ‘Polystyrene’ blocks/board and Hebel (autoclaved aerated concrete) panels. Its can also be applied as a finish over bricks, blocks, concrete and cement render. 

Cement Render and Concrete Panels, coloured Acrylic render coating

Acrylic render is used as a final layer of coating for cement rendered walls and concrete panels given the proper preparation. A coat of acrylic primer texture paint is applied first onto these substrates to bond the masonry and synthetic materials together. Coloured Acrylic textures has impeccable water resistance properties which performs to protect your substrate  from the elements. With the colour of choice built into the render giving it a more natural look minimising the need to constantly paint, saving you more in the longterm.