Why Render?

Render immediately adds to the aesthetic of your property. Render helps to improve the durability of the walls and provide added insulation. A cost-effective way to increase property value and provide protection from constant exposure to the elements

  • Protection – Render offers great protection for your walls from the elements as well as offering added structural support. Render creates a protective barrier from the outside world and ensures your brickwork remains unaffected. Acrylic textures have impeccable water resistance properties which perform to protect your substrate  from the elements.
  • Aesthetics – After a few years, brickwork may start to look tired or tatty, or if you have a mixture of different types of bricks, rendering can make the property look a lot more attractive. It will freshen up even the roughest-looking wall and make it look modern and clean and add a much better street appeal.
  • Value – Rendering your property can help improve its market value. If you are wanting to sell your home, render would improve the value promoting better price due to  the strengthened exterior walls and its modern aesthetics. Render is a great investment and would attract a lot more potential buyers as the popularity of rendering grows more and more.