Cement Render (Sand and Cement)


We use this composite material to render over bricks both ‘extruded’ and ‘pressed’ and also over ‘special finish’ bricks given the proper preparations to improve it’s adhesive property. Cement render is also applied over ‘concrete’ and ‘concrete blocks’ given the proper preparations.

Our Cement Render mix is a three part composite:

-Clean sharp washed Sydney/Newcastle sand
-Grey general purpose cement, AS3972 (*1)
-Hydrated plasterers lime, AS1672.1 (*2)

Pre Cement Render:

Depending on the condition or the type of substrate, a Key or Splatter coat is applied and allowed to cure prior to applying the cement render. This is done to prevent any chance of cracking or drumminess occurring, enhancing the substrates adhesive qualities.


Rough Cast

Tucson Free Hand

Ashlar (Block Cut)