Trowel On 2mm Scratch (Granosite)

Trowel On commonly known as “Granosite” is an acrylic texture with 2mm grains mixed in. The most common way to finish this render material is in a  travertine style (vertical strike lines), but can also be swirl or any other direction desired.

Rough Cast

Roughcast  render is a coarse finishing coat containing volcanic ash. It can be  flicked onto the wall by hand or sprayed on with a Tyrolean Gun. Often used for the purpose of restoration and also used as features to compliment other finishes boasting a touch of class. 

Acrylic Coloured Texture

Acrylic coloured textures is used as a final layer of coating for cement rendered walls and concrete panels given the proper preparation. With the colour of choice built into the render, featuring a more natural look minimising the need to constantly paint, saving you more in the longterm. 

Quoins and Bands

Traditionally, quoins are external cornerstones at the edges of stone or brick buildings providing strength for a wall. Rendered quoins are cement render step-outs at the corner of a wall merely to add aesthetic detail to a corner. Bands add great aesthetics around windows adding a touch of elegance.


A corbel is a solid piece of material in the wall, whereas a console is a piece applied to the structure. Render corbels feature a similar effect on walls adding a three-dimensional look to add a seamless appeal.

Ashlar (Block Cut)

Traditional Sand and Cement Render finished with a 3mm line cuts to emulate block-work modern or horizontal tiles depending on the design specs. A similar style is call ‘Parallel Lines’ where horizontal lines are cut out to emulate individual panels.